Thursday, December 15, 2011

Fake Antler Craft

I'm on a roll with this faux thing... so I did a little craft involving 'antlers'. You have all probably seen the antler/taxidermy fad incorporated in a ton of decorating magazines, fake or the real deal... so I thought I'd jump on the antler-madness band wagon by making a set...
I have a few real sheds that are displayed in my bookcase... but this is my attempt on a faux pair:

I started with air dry clay. I grabbed a couple of branches from outside to mold the clay to.

In the background you can see my inspiration picture on my iPad.

I used some tin foil to wrap around the branches, to give them a little more shape..

Here is the finished product (after painting 'em) next to my real ones...

I think eventually I would like to mount them on a faux skull cap, to make it look a little more like this:

Or maybe go a little over the top crazy like these:

TWO'S COMPANY PAIR of neon bright enamelled painted antique deer skulls and antlers

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