Sunday, November 18, 2012

Holiday Pics

This was last year's (2011) Holiday photo. As you can tell, I jumped on the mustache trend for this one.

 While visiting my sister's place this past week, I noticed she had a collage of family photos from our childhood. I was reminded of how our  pictures were either black n white, an orang-ish tinge, or the infamous Polaroid.  So with that, came the idea of retro pics for this year's Holiday photo..

Wonder what next year will bring?  This has started an annual tradition....meez thinks...

Random Projects

In the past few weeks I have been going a little crazy with trying to finish small projects here 'n there. I painted this 'jump in the lake' sign for the Hope Haus:

At the house in Noxon, MT, I had the ole hubs jigsaw a heart shape into a piece of bark.  I then inserted a glass hurricane within the bark along with a candle....ooolala.  It'll look awesome at night..

Keep checking back for more project/craft updates.  I think I will be working on how to add a touch of Holiday without going overboard :)