Friday, July 18, 2014

Auf Wiedersehen

We sold the house!

Funny to think, or maybe somewhat silly since we have done so much work to the house, then decide to sell it. Honestly, it was with a heavy heart making that decision. I loved this house... But there were a few things that helped the decision, that this wasn't our forever house.

We will be at our other house, our rental in NW Montana till we find another house, the 'forever' house, the last time we move! Anyone else hate moving? I used to love it... Not so much anymore.

I will miss the views.... The lake and the community. The couple who bought the house seem perfect for the beloved 'Hope Haus'.... And seem to have some great ideas to enhance her. I will be excited to drive by once and awhile to see what they've done... Hopefully they won't think I'm stalking...haha.

I hope to continue blogging ... DIY's, home searching.... Etc.  I also hope you will all continue to join me on this exciting and new journey. I won't be using this blog address anymore.... I feel I need a new beginning and retire this one with the house. So please join me here: 3 Vogel

Friday, March 21, 2014

DIY TV Console

The B man did it again. What did he do? He made me a TV CONSOLE...

After months of trying to find the right media console, with no avail...
I soon came across a blog I follow, and..Eureka! This was perfect! So the hubs got to it and here are the results:

I changed the stain from the original dark walnut (used in the inspiration piece) to a weathered grey. And as to not bore you with all the details and pics of us cutting, sanding and staining the piece, just tap the link above to get directions and dimensions on how to build this great tv console. Notice we didn't add the middle brace piece, like in the original. I would definitely add it if I were to place the tv on the unit. I kinda regret not adding would have helped hide those darn cords!

B man will be making a second one for his sister too.... can't wait to see how hers turns out and what stain she'll choose. I still need to play around with the 'stuff' displayed, add some baskets, and maybe a figure out a better way to hide those pesky cords!

A big thank you to and her husband's blog,
for the inspiration and tutorial.

Thursday, September 5, 2013


Deck updates are coming along nicely.

Here is a picture of the before shot of one of our decks.  In the photo you can see the posts..

Frame then added plastic about having serious heart palpitations! Watching the B man on the roof was rough...

Added weather proof curtains and outdoor furniture.. now it's ready for a BBQ.  And if it rains, it's all good.

Painted the wall on the 'parking structure' and added metal fish.

Continuing to add wood board and batten siding around the bottom half of the house.  Also painted the shop door.
Adding, adding, adding...whew! 

Friday, June 28, 2013

Deck Part One

Focus on the columns. They look, I think too, eh... blah for the deck.

Enter in a miter saw, scrap wood, oh.. and yes, the Man.

Much better. Still need to stain/paint them.

We replaced all the old, rotten boards on this end of the deck. As you can see in the picture above, we have two posts on each end waiting for an addition. A pergola! Stay tuned..

But for now, hubs n I are going to enjoy this beautiful sunshine and go canoeing..

Fireplace Reface

The top half of our fireplace always felt like it needed something more substantial added since we moved in.
Before and After:

I found some of these old tongue and groove planks around the property we live. Thought they'd look amazing on top of the fireplace, gives it a little character.

They were dirty, full of chicken poo (part of a coop), and chocked full of rusty nails... gotta love patina:)
The ole hubs was wanting to sand and stain 'em first! 
Ha, ha, ha silly boys!

If These Chairs Were Made for Walking

They'd walk all over you!  Ha, ha....

I decided to remove the area rug from under the dining table, but by doing that I needed some way to slide the chairs in and out without scratching the wood floors.  So I asked dear ole mom to knit me some 'socks' for the chairs.

They look like they should take off walking...

Monday, June 24, 2013


Lately, here in the Northwest we have had nothing but rain.  And I am talking about heavy downpour, get out the oars kinda rain. 
But what's amazing about Summer rain around here, is the beautiful sun kissed bursts of clouds. Whoa..