Friday, March 21, 2014

DIY TV Console

The B man did it again. What did he do? He made me a TV CONSOLE...

After months of trying to find the right media console, with no avail...
I soon came across a blog I follow, and..Eureka! This was perfect! So the hubs got to it and here are the results:

I changed the stain from the original dark walnut (used in the inspiration piece) to a weathered grey. And as to not bore you with all the details and pics of us cutting, sanding and staining the piece, just tap the link above to get directions and dimensions on how to build this great tv console. Notice we didn't add the middle brace piece, like in the original. I would definitely add it if I were to place the tv on the unit. I kinda regret not adding would have helped hide those darn cords!

B man will be making a second one for his sister too.... can't wait to see how hers turns out and what stain she'll choose. I still need to play around with the 'stuff' displayed, add some baskets, and maybe a figure out a better way to hide those pesky cords!

A big thank you to and her husband's blog,
for the inspiration and tutorial.