Friday, July 18, 2014

Auf Wiedersehen

We sold the house!

Funny to think, or maybe somewhat silly since we have done so much work to the house, then decide to sell it. Honestly, it was with a heavy heart making that decision. I loved this house... But there were a few things that helped the decision, that this wasn't our forever house.

We will be at our other house, our rental in NW Montana till we find another house, the 'forever' house, the last time we move! Anyone else hate moving? I used to love it... Not so much anymore.

I will miss the views.... The lake and the community. The couple who bought the house seem perfect for the beloved 'Hope Haus'.... And seem to have some great ideas to enhance her. I will be excited to drive by once and awhile to see what they've done... Hopefully they won't think I'm stalking...haha.

I hope to continue blogging ... DIY's, home searching.... Etc.  I also hope you will all continue to join me on this exciting and new journey. I won't be using this blog address anymore.... I feel I need a new beginning and retire this one with the house. So please join me here: 3 Vogel