Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bring on Christmas

Got through another wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday thanks to my sister-n-law and her boyfriend. It was a little strange not having any of my family this year... no hubs (had to work), no parents, no siblings, and no kids:(. But what was amazing...no DRAMA! It was fun being an 'outsider' observing some one else's family and how they interacted. The bonus, no hard feelings, regrets or arguments! Stress-free all the way...not to mention, no clean up. Loved it!
But seriously, I do love my family and all their (and my) imperfections... It was just 'different' this year.

So now to the next holiday... Christmas. BRING-IT-ON! The funny thing is, I am not much for decorating the house for the holidays .... funny in the sense that I love decorating. Just not so much in the Christmas sense....
I have a few inspirational pictures I found on Pinterest to get me in the mood.  I just like to keep it simple.

Christmas for the Home

Christmas in a home in Denmark.

My favorite Christmas home

Decorating the home for Autumn

I love to incorporate natural elements into my Christmas decor.... although this year I may do the fake Christmas tree! I know, I know....but I am getting lazy in my later years, lol.

How do you decorate for Christmas?  Simply or over the top?

Friday, November 18, 2011

Black Friday

Have you seen these Target commercials for Black Friday?

I laugh every time she goes through the sale flyer!  I believe these commercials ran last year, but they are still classic!

I have never been one 'of those people' to get up at 4am and shop Black Friday...and I am not planning to this year either.... but these commercials remind me to probably get off my booty and start thinking about Christmas shopping.  So I was all motivated today to go into town... til

Yeah... I think I will wait... especially since I am about 2 hours from a department store...
Maybe Cyber-Monday is more up my alley ;)

Monday, November 14, 2011

Pour Decision?

Love the pun in the title?

Around the holidays I always feel the need to set up a bar.... so this weekend I did. I gathered items I already had on hand including; a collection of wine bottle openers, a small wine bottle holder, a tray of various liquors, along with my bowl o'corks, all placed on a cart from IKEA.

I also did a quick canvas painting of a wine opener to add a little whimsy.

At some point I would love to find a small brass n glass bar cart... but I am not sure.  My OCD usually sets in and I remove the 'bar' cause I start to feel it looks like clutter and I hate the added dusting duties :) Bar Humbug!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thanks a'latte

With the temperature dipping, the day light hours shortening, it is a small joy to indulge in a a caffe' latte this afternoon. Thanks a latte!