Monday, May 6, 2013

Vanity Install

 As you recall from the previous post, I promised an update on the vanity install:

The before. Disconnecting the plumbing.

Taking the old vanity out, see what I meant by how the previous owners didn't tile underneath?

Setting the new one in and leveling....

This is where it got difficult... the new vanity had sets of drawers on the sides, so the hubs had to cut new holes and shorten some of the shelves..

After adding the granite top. The vanity came with top and Kohler faucets! 

I had purchased this glass tile over a year ago... I think it will work well as a back splash.

Changed out the hardware and added these. The old hardware were a pewter leaf design.

Here it is in all its glory! Had to remove mirrors since they don't center with the light fixtures or faucets. That is our next DIY project... making one, long mirror.